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Candidate must bring the followings to the exam:


1.   ID card or passport or other government issued identity document bearing candidate's photo

2.   Exam Notification Letter

3.   A list of work to be performed in the examination using the following format (indicate applicable items only):

* Composer  * Arranger  * Name of works  * Tonality  * Opus Number  * Movement
* Tempo  * Syllabus source (Board initials)  * Grade of Syllabus  *
Validation Period

4.   Candidate's own instrument (unless pre-arranged with Certified Music Learning Centre / Exam Centre)


For exams taken at exam centres in overseas, examination will be supervised by the Board’s Exam Supervisor. The whole examination will be recorded by video and the exam centre will then submit a DVD consists of a well-polished performance video of repertoires of correspondence grade together with other required documents to the Board for examiners’ evaluation. Marks and comments on the overall performance will be given by the Board’s examiner, not by the Exam Supervisor during the examination.





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