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Before registering for the Board's music exam, please read the VMEB Music Exam Handbook first to make sure you understand how it works.



Step 1:   Choose and Contact your Exam Centre


Choose the region/country that you wish to take the exam and contact exam centre in that region/country to confirm availability.



Exam Centre in Vienna:

Franz Schubert Konservatorium, Schloss Neuwaldegg, Waldegghofgasse 5, 1170 Wien, Vienna, Austria.

(Email: sek@fsk.at; Tel: +43 1 587 47 87)


Overseas Exam Centre:

For a list of VMEB Certified Music Learning Centres and other VMEB authorized exam centres in overseas, please contact the Board's International Exam Administration Office in Hong Kong.

(Email: international.admin@vmeb.org; Tel: +852 2899 7639)



Step 2:   Exam Registration Form


Download Exam Registration Form below. Make sure you use the correct Exam Registration Form in respective to the region/country that you wish to take the exam. Exam Region/Country cannot be changed after registered.


Exam Registration Form (for all countries/regions except Hong Kong)

Exam Registration Form (for taking exams in Hong Kong only)



Step 3:   Submission of Exam Registration Form


Fill in the Exam Registration Form and submit together with the required document and exam registration fee. (Certified Music Learning Center may also provide exam registration service, please consult your local Certified Music Learning Center for further information).


Exam Registration Fee for different regions/countries might be different. Unless specified in the Exam Registration Form, the Exam Registration Fee stated in the Exam Registration Form includes only the cost of exam registration, examination assessment fee by the Board's examiners, and cost of issuance of certificate (if candidate has successfully passed the examination). There will be other charges imposed by different exam centres such as exam room rental charges. Candidates are advised to confirm with their chosen exam centres before registering for the exam.



Step 4:   Exam Notification Letter


Exam Notification Letter will be issued to candidate within 30 days after receiving all the required exam registration document and exam registration fee.



Step 5:   Exam Date


Candidates must take the exam on or before the exam due date shown in the Exam Notification Letter. Exam due date is normally 6 months from the issuance date of the Exam Notification Letter. Candidates are advised to contact their chosen exam centre for an exam appointment immediately after receiving the Exam Notification Letter.







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