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Exam Syllabus


Candidates may perform a programme consisting pieces from syllabus of Vienna Music Examination Board or from syllabus of other music examination boards. No programme approval is need. However, the programme chosen from other Boards’ syllabus must demonstrate a comparable level of technical and musical demand to the correspondence grade in the syllabus of Vienna Music Examination Board.


VMEB Music Exam Syllabus


Candidates must provide a detailed list of works to be played in the exam to the Exam Supervisor to fill into the Exam Statement before the exam starts. The following format should be used (indicate applicable items only):


* Composer  * Arranger  * Name of works  * Tonality  * Opus Number  * Movement
* Tempo  * Syllabus source (Board initials)  * Grade of Syllabus  *
Validation Period



Elementarstufe (Elementary)


Candidates play two own choice pieces of about 12 to 24 bars. The chosen work should be with a distinctive melody, not a scale practice or a finger exercises with repeated pattern and no melody. A simple etude with obvious musical direction would also be accepted.



Stufe 1-8 (Grade 1-8)


Stufe (Grade) are numbered from 1 to 8 in increasing order of difficulty. Candidates play three own choice pieces in at least two contrasting musical style, character or tempo.



Oberstufe (Performance Level)


The repertoire must consist of a minimum of two works, including works from at least two different musical periods. Programme should be able to display a range of moods, styles and tempo, and must demonstrate a comparable level of technical and musical demand to the correspondence grade. Candidates may play the complete concerto, sonata, sonatina, suite and other works conceived by the composer as complete unities, or to include selected movements from a complete works provided that a balanced programme is maintained.


Tips for Achieving Good Results




Choose the Repertoires Appropriate for Your Exam Level


VMEB graded music exam is one of the highest international standards of musical instrument exam. This, however, does NOT mean candidates are required to play the most difficult repertoire for their exam level. Instead, candidates must be able to demonstrate in their performance that they are well equipped with all the necessary technical skills and have well understanding, interpretation and feeling of the music that they are playing, and that they can play them with great CONFIDENCE. In addition, performance from memory is a “Must” requirement if candidates wish to achieve a better result.


Building Confidence by Practicing in Public


Building confidence cannot be achieved simply by practicing in private alone. Practicing in public environment is a very different experience to practicing in private. Once you are comfortable with your repertoire, ask your family members and friends to listen.


Don’t Worry About Mistakes


Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Even professional musicians make mistakes in their live performance. Remind yourself that you are about to share pieces that you enjoyed learning and playing, and focus on communicating this enjoyment to the audience in your performance.


When you make mistakes, do not stop but to carry on playing. It is better to play an entire piece of music confidently with some mistakes rather than playing it all correctly but with a timid attitude.




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